Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Readers' UFO sightings

This is where I’ll be posting readers' UFO sightings.

"The only sighting I had was 1 year ago it was night at 10 or 11pm, I was at the top floor of our new house when I saw 2 flashing red lights following a plane, at first I thought they were the plane lights, but then they started moving away from the plane then they moved to the right then left again and kept doing that for a while then suddenly disappeared, I’ve never seen an air craft that moves from right to left for almost a minute then disappear suddenly, I told my brother and my family but they didn’t believe me, I hope I see it again, next time I’ll use my camera like the tons of videos on You Tube uploaded every day."

 Mohammed from Cairo, Egypt

"Briefly, in 2007 I took a sequence of photographs (6 in total) - at the end of July from my lounge window in Lockerbie, Scotland, of UFO's and a Mother Star ship in the sky. It is too long to inform you about all of the facts of that night and the night after, just to say that I submitted my photographs to an American Scientist who deals in UFO's - (Extra terrestrial in nature) - and he has informed me that, in his opinion, my photographs look like a "unique floating city in the sky" and from which there is a large amount of data to be gleaned. Since then I have had other sightings."
Lisa from Northumberland, England

If you’ve had a UFO sighting you’d like to share please contact Richard Thomas at richard@richardthomas.eu.

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